About Us

It was from the constant experience of vague speeches in large corporations on the one hand, and the growing unbridled consumption on the other that Vestô was born. Our frustration and the certainty that it is possible to do things differently are our driving force to carry out concrete and positive attitudes in favor of conscious consumption.

Through our clothes we want to reframe dressing. With natural raw material from Brazil, we produce our collection exclusively with organic and sustainable fabrics, whose natural dyeing is handmade with regional vegetable pigments that respect the environment and your skin.

We are committed to sustainability as a way of life and practice routines aligned with its pillars – social, environmental, economic, territorial and cultural.

Through transparency and socio-environmental partnerships, we encourage small producers and local markets, helping to increase the income of family members and the communities involved without jeopardizing their culture, traditions and relationship with nature.

We want to add up by defending fair, sustainable and purposeful fashion, providing a new way of dressing, feeling and living.

We believe that, in addition to a beautiful piece, it is necessary to make it beautiful, with love and respect for our planet, our partners, for you and for our society.