Sustainable Practices

Natural Dyes

Nature manifests its beauty through natural dyeing. Observing its power and the tons transfered to embrace the fabric ensures carrying the color with you wherever you go.

Peels, fruits, leaves, seeds, roots and pigments give the tones of nature in our clothes.
These raw materials are obtained through various associations of family farming and Etno Botânica, which, together with cooperatives that inhabit the Cerrado, the fields of the South, the Amazon and the Brazilian Sertão, are based on respecting norms and criteria of forest management in sustainable development areas.

In this way, we encourage sustainable agriculture and promote the link between you and local producers, also contributing to increase the income of all communities involved without jeopardizing their traditions and relationship with nature!

Raw material

We value the natural.

Therefore, our raw materials are healthy, free of pesticides and pesticides, respecting the environment, the farmer, our production and you.

Our organic and sustainable fabrics are certified and from Brazilian suppliers, encouraging the national market and the local economy.

Check out the certificates that guarantee welcome, lightness and sustainability:

Gots: Guarantees the organic status of planting, harvesting and textile fiber manufacturing.

Oekotex: ensures that the production plant and the processes carried out there are completely free of products harmful to our health, from planting to the final finishing of the fabrics.

European Flax: guarantees the rights of workers in accordance with the rules of the International Labor Organization.

FSC: Checks that the raw material is renewable, biodegradable, and comes from the sustainable management of reforestation areas.

our packaging

By law, all companies have a duty to ensure the preservation of the environment for future and current generations.

We made our packaging with great care for you, aiming at the lowest possible environmental impact: they are made from recycled paper in a certified printing company with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal, which translates socio-environmental responsibility; they have the Eu Reciclo seal, which ensures the recycling and/or environmental compensation of all the material used; they are printed with vegetable-based ink with engraved plates without chemical processes, and the scraps of paper are sent for recycling!

With this, we encourage social inclusion and fairer remuneration for collectors of recyclable materials, as well as guarantee compliance with the environmental law of the National Solid Waste Policy and contribute to the strengthening of recycling cooperatives and the development of this sector in Brazil.