Our Partners

fair plot

Justa Trama's production is certified organic by the IBD, recognized by the Banco do Brasil Foundation as a social technology, was awarded in 2015 by the BNDES for solidarity economy practices and certified as a solidarity enterprise by the Government of RS and by Senaes/TEM.


Etno Botânica adopts family farming in partnership with cooperatives and associations that inhabit the Cerrado, the fields of the South, the Amazon and the Brazilian Sertão, and, as a base of support, respect norms and criteria of forest management in areas of sustainable development of the entire production of its textile fibers and its vegetable pigments for natural dyeing.

Cerrado Emporium:

Empório do Cerrado is a network of family farmers who practice sustainable management of cultivated land following the norms and criteria established for agriculture in areas of sustainable development. Through them, we obtain bark, seeds, leaves and fruits for our natural dyes.

Werner Fabrics

Werner's premise is sustainability beyond the inputs used and in all its production processes such as effluent treatment, filtered vapours, renewable sources and energy efficiency. The company is also certified with the ABVTEX OURO seal, guaranteeing social responsibility. The raw materials contain seals respected around the world such as: Oekotex, European Flax, FSC and Tencel.